Monday, February 11, 2008

My Paypal Account Ho do I Withdraw it?

I have a Paypal account and I’m puzzled how do I withdraw my money using Philippine bank account.I called Banco De Oro technicalsupport (6318000) and ask if I can use the
bank codes listed in
particularly for Banco De Oro. As per the telephone operator the negotiation is
still on process for paypal bank codes. I’d rather not use the 9 digit bank
code of Banco de Oro published on that link, I might get scam. But I viewed the page source and its not a kind of phishing scheme but I better be wise enough my
money won't disappear anyway in my Paypal account if I let it be there for awhile.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Cancer-Free Tomorrow

1. Recipe for Health
A nutritious diet is your first line of defense against cancer.
2. Maintain a stable weight
Women who are 40 percent or more above their desired weight face a greater likelihood of developing breast, colon, ovarian, uterine, and gallbladder cancers. Estrogen, stored in excess fat tissue, may promote the growth of tumors.
3. Think green and veg out
Crunchy cruciferous vegetables are believed to be effective cancer fighters. Broccoli contains sulforaphane, a powerful anticancer compound, while spinach and kale are high in protective antioxidants. Munch away, too, on cauliflower, celery, lentils, and peas.
4. Feast on fiber
Dig into whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat pasts, and whole wheat bread. Potatoes, popcorn, tortillas, and rice are also rich in fiber, which helps transport carcinogenic compounds out of the body.
5. Skip smoked foods.
6. Shed the fat.

Friday, February 1, 2008

How to know who's IP is this.

When you are active in the internet you most likely know how to search who owns that particular IP address. Those scam in the internet can easily be traced by knowing the owner of the IP address. Juct go to this link the result shows who managed the IP address. For international IP, is best tool.
So if your planning for scam, watch out your IP will might get traced.


Did you know that when you want to know the DNS entries of a partciluar domain is easy to search in your web? Just go to this link www., check engine then key in the domain. The search result will show if the domain is active or not. If active, authoritative DNS, mail servers, Web servers, IP address will also be shown in the result. So its good to know about this thing so that when you want to change or add entries in your DNS. You just have to consider first your DNS parking.


The best place to unwind this summer is to spend vacation in el nido resort, Palawan Philippines. You can enjoy Kayaking, Snorkeling and Diving. Actually my husband has been there already.He told me that, he likes the place and lot of koreans are there for vacation. They have rainforest, miniloca Lagen and Pangulasian island. In addition, there are the mangrove forests found mostly around major rivers and creeks in the mainland. So if your planning for a vacation this is I think the best place to go.


Did you know that you can send and recieve fax directly from your computer. This fax2mail allow you to send and recieve via email.This compatible with any email devices, so you can easily fax from your PC, Laptop, BlackBerry or PDA.

So how does the fax to email works?
The fax is sent to your fax2mail then the PGI connect converts the fax into PDF.Then the email attached to your inbox as PDF or TIFF file.

So how does email to fax works?

Simply compose an email and send to then the PGI converts the email to fax format. Then the email attached to your inbox as PDF or TIFF file.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feeling great after work.

1. Drink a lot of water.
2. Smile and look at the mirror.
3. Say to your self, I've done my best.
4. Relax have along breath.
5. Talk to your husband or children before going home, so that you'll be exited in going home.
6. Search the internet on what topic you're excited about.
7. Go home and look forward to the next day.

Credit Card I Rule

1. Pay on time
2. Pay more than the minimum owed.
3. Reward cards are trickly, so don't own more than one reward cards.
4. Be smart about transferring your balance to a bargain-rate card.

Lamborghini Reventon

The Reventon isn't exactly a completely new car. Although the look, feel and price tag of this particular Lamborghini are unique, its basic qualities actually stem from an earlier car, the Murcielago LP640. This has disappointed a few enthusiasts following Lamborghini's efforts -- some argue that the Reventon is simply a hyper-expensive version of the Murcielago model, without many changes aside from a few superfluous bells and whistles.
The technology in the Murcielago includes a V12, 640-horsepower engine --­ it can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in 3.4 seconds and achieve speeds of 211 mph (339 km/h). Information in the p­ress releases for the Reventon appears to vary, but the supercar looks to perform at about the same level as the Murcielago. Only the horsepower listing changes, increasing slightly to 650 hp. The base cost of the LP640 is around $280,000, so those paying the extra $1.2 million for the Reventon better really want their cars to look like fighter jets.
(research from howstuff)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What does your dream home look like?

My dream house would be a home where I can relax myself and really enjoy the day.
An indoor sauna , pool, greenery with garden in my backyard so that my family will eat organic foods without fertilizer. A place like tagaytay, bulacan or bicol with acre lot is best for my family.
Basketball court for my husband and huge garden in front.
There I would look at the mountains and smile and cook for my family and friends.
Serenity, peace and health to enjoy is my dream.

Bicol Express Recipe
Did you know that bicolanos coconut milk or gata is the most popular ingredient in Bicol region's cuisine. Bicol Region(Region V) is composed of Albay, Masbate, Sorsogon, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur and Catanduanes. Bicolanos cuisine is famous for its rich and spicy dishes, which is cooked using coconut milk or gata with very hot local variety of chilli called siling labuyo (green and red). Well known bicolano specialties are bicol express, pinangat called gabi leaves, ginataang langka called young jackfruit.

Bicol Express Ingredients:
1/4 kilo pork, thinly sliced
3 cups long hot chili (red and green)
1 onion, minced
1 head of garlic, minced
1 cup coconut milk
2 tablespoons of cooking oil
Salt to taste

Bicol Express Cooking Instructions:
In a bowl of water with salt, soak chili peppers for 30 minutes then rinse and strain. In a cooking pan, heat cooking oil and brown sliced pork for a few minutes. In another pan, sauté minced garlic and onion. Add to the sauté the browned pork. Then add the coconut milk, bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Add the chili peppers, Baguio beans and cook until dish gets a little dry. Add the coconut cream and simmer until the sauce thickens. Salt to taste.

Amazing Story

Featuring Mr. Noel Tamondong, 33 and he’s in relationship. This salesman came to our house to eat for dinner.
Actually it so happened that it is also he’s birthday. My husband and he’s friend wanted to treat him for his birthday and they prepare some foods. To our amazement, when he came to our house he bring along with him his friends almost 20 of them. Definitely the food cannot accommodate all his friends. Well what we did is to let them eat what we have.While we are taking pictures outside. Sir Noel climbed our gate outside and show his pose. We understand that when you’re aging and reaching 50 specially that you are still single you will really find ways to distress, enjoy, to express yourself as if like teenager.

Life is indeed boring if you don’t know how to take incredible pose, incredible surprises. We support you for your hobby Sir Noel. Household beware, he might get interested in climbing your house. Anyway, watch out for more of my amazing stories of Pinoys and Pinays.

Monday, January 28, 2008

10 ways to keep men handsome for 2008

1. I will have my moustache removed.
2. I will get a haircut every 4 to 5 weeks. I don’t want to look like an overgrown fern
3. I will go to the spa at least once before I’m 50.
4. I will have my teeth cleaned twice a year.
5. I will clean my ears every week.
6. I will keep hand sanitizer handy all the time
7. I will bring extra shirt at all time.
8. I will bring handkerchief every time I leave the house.
9. I will feel good for myself, not to please other people
10. I will learn to laugh at myself when I get too vain.

Woman needs to be understood by Men

Life is full of trials and we women as we journey in life we need men who will understand us.
In marriage, I am experiencing pressure and demands in the office, friends and family.
And sometimes you simply cant do things hundred percent.
Sometimes you fail and you are exhausted.
But I love to be understood by my husband. I find release and comfort when he says
” I understand you honey”

This is the best secret to handle your partner.


Staying Healthy Physically
Push up per day can make a difference with your desired figure
1001, 1002, 1003 Go baby!. You can make it at 2000

Eating Healthier
Eating organic foods everyday.

Living At Your Ideal Weight
My friend Joan Vinas is always in shape. Her vital statistics ( 33-23-33).

So lets make our decision to stay healthy for the sake of our figures, weight and long life.


Sunday, January 27, 2008


Phishing acquire sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity. This is criminally and fraudulently attempt. They camouflaged to be like an electronic communication such as Ebay , Paypal. The online banks are the common targets.Phishing is typically by email or instant messaging and directs users to enter details at a website.

For accuracy, I suggest to please check first the domain used by sender as well as the domain of website. Through the result you can identify if it is a fully qualified domain. We can also identify what company owns that particular IP address. If it happens that you know that IP is maliciously an attacker, I suggest to directly report the matter to the Internet Provider of the IP address to shutdown the particular website.

Vishing operates like phishing by persuading consumers to divulge their Personally Identifiable Information (PII). These attackers is claiming that your account was suspended, deactivated, or terminated. Attackers directs to contact their bank via telephone number provided in the e-mail or by an automated recording. Upon calling the telephone number, the recipient is greeted with "Welcome to the bank of ..." and then requested to enter their card number in order to resolve a pending security issue.
For authenticity, never provide information in the email or click the embedded links.
Internet has help us so much today. We need to do our business, connect and transfer file easily and wisely.